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Detective Comics #1020 Review

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Writing: Peter J. Tomasi

Art: Brad Walker

Inks: Andrew Hennessy

Colors:Brad Anderson

Letters: Rob Leigh

Two-Face has returned to Gotham leaving behind a trail of bodies in his wake, but this time something has changed. Harvey Dent and Two-Face are no longer the same man of crime that they once were, in fact, they have become something far worse. What does Two-Face have in store for Gotham? And what does he have in store for Batman?

Man was this a really fantastic start to a new arc, and what an amazing issue at that! As of late Tomasi has added more interesting facets to Batman’s rogues gallery as previously seen with Mr Freeze, and this time around, he cooks up something different with Two Face that is both familiar yet refreshingly different. Two-Face has returned and he has become more deranged than ever, which is exciting to read given that there hasn’t been a lot done with Two-Face for some time. Tomasi does an amazing job of writing Batman as a character, and displaying the detective side that lives up to this titles namesake. The story is gripping and leaves a lot of interest for what Tomasi has in store for Two-Face as this story unfolds.

In regards to the art department, I must confess that If there is anyone that I'm happy to see return to this title to illustrate a Two Face story, Brad Walker is absolutely perfect for this. Detective Comics has had a host of fantastic illustrators on this title, but Brad Walker has a striking style that one can't ignore. Whether it's the rendering of the cowl, or the Bat on his suit, or the reflection on the white eyes, his Batman just looks amazing. Aside from amazing sequentials, his Two Face is menacing and his art lends an extra layer of tension to Tomasi's intensified writing in this book. Andrew Hennessy's inks, Brad Anderson's colors and Rob Leigh's lettering makes this Two Face story beautiful to look at. I highly recommend picking this issue up for new comic book day.

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