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This is the physical introductory issue to a 6 part original comic book series written by comic book critic, Trevor Fernandes- Lenkiewicz (Host of the DarkKnightNation YouTube Channel), drawn by the incredibly talented Marcelo Salaza, and brilliantly colored by Marcio Freire. Unlike the standard monthly comic, THE HELIX PROJECT will be produced on thick premium quality glossed stock for both the cover and 24 interior pages of story. The series dives into a UFO hysteric America challenging conceptions of society, mental health, identity, and memory. 

Second Printing includes 4 extra pages of behind-the-scenes content and a brand new embossed cover!



AREA 51: THE HELIX PROJECT is a 6 issue Sci-Fi Thriller following a half-extraterrestrial who's driven to uncover the circumstances surrounding his father's murder when he's confronted by a mysterious figure from his past. Kent spirals into the jaws of a Cold War genetics conspiracy and is forced to face a twisted ghost from his past that challenges everything he knows about himself and what it means to be human.

Area 51: The Helix Project #1 (New Edition)

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