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This is the third issue to a 6 part original comic book series written by comic book critic, Trevor Fernandes- Lenkiewicz (Host of the DarkKnightNation YouTube Channel), drawn by the incredibly talented Marcelo Salaza, and brilliantly colored by Marcio Freire. Unlike the standard monthly comic, THE HELIX PROJECT will be produced on thick premium quality glossed stock for both the cover and 24 interior pages of story. The series dives into a UFO hysteric America challenging conceptions of society, mental health, identity, and memory. 

This story pulls you into 1970's UFO hysteric America. The Cold War looms overhead while the desperate United States government launches a covert experiment that grafts the DNA of extraterrestrial beings onto soldiers in order to allow them to manipulate their biologies on a molecular level. The Helix Project has the potential to end the war with the USSR, giving soldiers an unparalleled ability to alter themselves for any task: from espionage to reconnaissance, to combat, but at what cost, and to who?


Where the first installment gave you a look inside the mind of our protagonist, Kent, his crisis of identity, the heavy trauma of his past, and teased the implications of THE HELIX PROJECT, part 2 hits the ground running! 


The mysterious, M, is revealed, the core wounds of Kent's past are ripped back open, and the solemn GENERAL WINTERS shows off his true colors. Kent Armstrong is forced to make a choice, and that decision will reverberate through the rest of his life.


The third issue finds Kent after an explosive confrontation with a ghost from his past. He struggles to find a way to reconcile and is thrown deeper into the destructive conspiracy of THE HELIX PROJECT. With the opportunity to avenge his father having knocked on his door, will he answer it?


For as much as this story deep dives into government conspiracy, evoking Sci-Fi  and Noir tones, it's also a story deeply rooted in people: our downfalls, our successes, and the necessity for us to grow. We follow our young protagonist, Kent, as he tries to navigate the world without purpose, without hope, and without his role model. The Armstrong family have done their best to lay low and hide from the potential hostility of  their family secret; but when a mysterious message makes its way to Kent while he's at his lowest,  we're rocketed into the underbelly of conspiracy surrounding Area 51, extraterrestrial findings, and most importantly THE HELIX PROJECT.

Area 51: The Helix Project #3

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