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This is the final issue to a 6 part original comic book series written by Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (Former host of the DarkKnightNation YouTube Channel), drawn by the incredibly talented Samuel Iwunze, brilliantly colored by Marcio Freire, and lettered by one of the best in the industry, Taylor Esposito. [Estimated pre-order delivery: May 2023]


Unlike the standard monthly comic, THE HELIX PROJECT will be produced on thick premium quality glossed stock for both the cover and 28 interior pages of story with an additional 4 pages of behind-the-scenes content! This Pocket Watch Press production dives into a UFO hysteric America challenging conceptions of society, mental health, identity, and memory.

The first installment gave you a look inside the mind of our protagonist, Kent, his crisis of identity, the heavy trauma of his past, and teased the implications of THE HELIX PROJECT.

The second revealed the identity of the mysterious, M, and brought him face to face with the man who took everything from him, forcing Kent to make a decision that would reverberate through the rest of his life.

The third time around, we find Kent after an explosive confrontation with a ghost from his past. He must decide whether to embrace a side of himself he'd long thought monstrous--for the good of an innocent soul--or standby and watch someone else's life crumble. This choice will throw Kent toward an encounter with the greatest threat possible and bring him one step closer to the center of the destructive conspiracy known as THE HELIX PROJECT.

Issue #4 has come to rattle Kent and Marissa in a big, bad way. After the wild last page stinger and capture of our protagonist at the hands of a shockingly familiar face, Kent must decipher where Marissa's loyalties lay in order to move forward. As Colonel Winters' HELIX PROJECT gains traction, the source of his research is discovered, and when Kent learns of it, there's no telling what he'll do.

Issue #5 brings us into the climax of our story. With Roswell within Kent & Marissa's reach, it seems that there's only one final mountain to climb: the first Helix Soldier, Colonel Ed Winters. The end of this issue will SHOCK you, irreparably changing your understanding of our story thus far.


Issue #6 puts Kent face to face with a twisted ghost from his past as it challenges everything he understands about his place in the world, and ultimately, what it truly means to be human.

Area 51: The Helix Project #6

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