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Presented by Pocket Watch Press is the first installation of an annual series of original collected comics short stories. Each book maintains a loose theme associated with a time of day. The first of which, being the end of the old day & the birth of the new... Midnight. Inspired by the notion that on the precipice of two days, what matters most is the perspective that you choose to carry with you. Silent late-night clairvoyance or a war with the voices in your head: equally probable at the threshold of a new day. 


A 64 page collection, featuring... (preview pages in this order)


Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (w), Steph C (a), Micah Myers (l)

The only story presently planned for syndication throughout the next several short story collections is a Supernatural Coming-of-age tale of the empathic boy who turns others’ woes into Gold. Young Midas must learn to find balance in a life where a simple touch could mean healing someone’s mind at the cost of his own. This first story finds him entangled in a childhood conflict that forces him to face down the moral pendulum, and leads him to making an acquaintance with a familiar figure to any longtime comic book fan. A meta-textual exploration of self-sacrifice & self-preservation.



Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (w), Samuel Iwunze (a), Jérôme Gagnon (l)

A grim & moody mystery from the creative team of AREA 51: THE HELIX PROJECT featuring Carlos Mancebo, a grizzled detective, as he investigates a string of suicides linked to addresses from a stretch of properties involved in a failed eminent domain seizure attempt. His discoveries & drug ladden flashbacks lead him into the gullet of a SAW-like murder case that…puts his long dead, drug-addled marriage into question? Carlos’ story spirals into a sharp-edged story of perception, control, and addiction.



Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (w), Seth Adams (a), Raymund Lee (c), Jérôme Gagnon (l)

A Dante-esque historical fantasy following two nearly immortal soldiers as they reconvene throughout every great battle in human history to settle a conflict that which spans from a time before time to the end of all existence as we know it. This is a timeless tale about the changing landscape of war, conditioned adversity, and of course, that we will never have enough time.



Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (w), Ryan Best (a), Matias Zanetti (l)

    Centuries in the future, a neon-adorned New York City weighs down upon the world's richest man who somehow has everything and nothing at all. On the edge, he must figure out how the key to survival is choosing to live.

    Minutes to Midnight: The Hour Between Life & Death

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