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your home for thought provoking entertainment. We strive to put everything on the page, from original comic book titles to work for hire writing and editorial services. 

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Trevor Fernandes Lenkiewicz is a young, up-and-coming writer and editor based out of New London, CT, known for his surgical eye for narrative. Trevor is driven to break down the mechanics of comic book storytelling and weave them through deeply personal, genre-bending stories.

Whether he is creating original content for his independent publishing company, POCKET WATCH PRESS, or is commissioned for writing services and editorial work, Trevor brings a passion and thoughtfulness to the table that is unmatched. To put it bluntly, he's hungry to create. He's hungry to help YOU create and distill your vision into the best story it can be. Trevor engages the core elements unique to each media he works with in order to craft stories that take full advantage of their formats. 

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Trevor has created, written, edited, and art directed



Writing Services:

     Note that the more privatized and personal writing services involve one-on-one creative consultations where we will discuss your requests of the work, the outlook, and key details to ensure that you receive an individualized piece that you are happy with. 

Freelance Comic Book Scripting &
Narrative Construction

Prose Manuscript
& Short Stories

Private & Personalized

Editing Services:

     Editorial services are offered across multi media, including comics, prose, and film script. Regardless of the chosen medium, I offer thoughtful and poignant feedback on what's working in your piece, and what's not. We'll discuss plot, structure, theme integration, pacing, character, narrative prose, and dialogue, followed by suggestions on how to improve in all necessary areas. Depending on the space that your project occupies, we will discuss how you can best engage your medium of choice and its format to tell the most compelling, entertaining story possible. 

Full Comics Editorial

or Script Critiques

Manuscript Editorial Critique

Screenplay & Teleplay Critique

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