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Doctor Tomorrow #2

Writer: Alejandro Arbona

Artist: Jim Towe

Colorist: Diego Rodriguez

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

It is a multiversal race against time as Doctor Tomorrow tries to assemble a team of allies to aid him and (his younger counterpart) Bart in their mission to save the multiverse from falling into decay. In order for their mission to be a success, Bart must learn how to utilize his new abilities but with time of the essence, is he capable of helping Doctor Tomorrow save their world? What has changed between Doctor Tomorrow's world and Bart's? And how soon is Hardian close to achieving his quest of plunging the multiverse into darkness?

In the latest issue of this series, Arbona provides insight on Doctor Tomorrow’s origins, detailing his backstory as to how he came to be, and what led him to the present universe that his younger counterpart resides in. In regards to the story, Abrona focuses more on the character interactions between Doctor Tomorrow and the Valiant universe that he has found himself in.

Despite the antagonist (Hardian) pursuing his ambitious pursuit to harness the Dark Fluid known as Negative Mass, it’s thankfully explained as to how it was created without endless exposition, allowing the reader to run with the story without being bored and over it. There are some nice segments where Doctor Tomorrow trains his younger self, showing Bart how to utilize the suits functions, and the pressure that Bart is under having everything crashing down on his life despite being a new super hero. The story is wonderfully paced, and despite having some action within this issue, it’s the plot and the chemistry between characters that really takes the cake for this book. It's amazing how new Doctor Tomorrow feels as a title, despite it being a new series for a pre existing character that has been in obscurity for a long time.

As for the art department, Jim Towe and Diego Rodriguez do a fantastic job illustrating and coloring this book. While the art team do a great job handling fight scenes, it's their ability to render the quiet moments with characters that really makes the book shine. Cowles does an excellent job handling the lettering, accompanying the art that makes everything in the book fall into place. It's the second issue of this series yet it continues to be a fun superhero comic that is enjoyable from beginning to end. This is a great new Valiant title that readers of the publication should check out, and I definitely recommend picking this issue up for new comic book day.

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