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About DarkKnightNation

Here at DarkKnightNation we like to break down and analyze comics in a review format in order to
get down to the bottom of what makes them work well, and what doesn't. From story dissection to character analysis and narrative finesse, we hit it all!

We ask the big questions:

  • What works in this book?

  • What could the creatives have done differently?

  • What strategies are the creators using?

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POCKET WATCH PRESS is a young, but ambitious publisher that strives to craft the comics of our time.

Comic books provide the unique opportunity to capture qualities of cinema, prose, and film all into one unique, immersive package. POCKET WATCH PRESS is a publisher like no other in a medium like no other.


Focusing on quality over quantity, Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz constantly pushes to craft thoughtful, engaging stories that capitalize on the timeless nature of comics and how they let you hang on every moment within the panels. With that, he takes a "surgeon-like" editorial eye to connect with tremendous artistic talents from all around the globe in order to bring his scripts to life. If time has taught us anything, DO NOT sleep on the young, hungry artist. They'll surprise you.

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