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A 6 part original comic book series written by comic book analyst, Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz (Host of the DarkKnightNation YouTube Channel), drawn by the incredibly talented Marcelo Salaza, and brilliantly colored by Marcio Freire.









The story takes you on a wild ride from the streets of 1970's New York to the depths of Area 51, housing test subjects of The Helix Project: a military based program utilizing cellular transplant of extraterrestrial DNA to allow American soldiers to manipulate their genetic structures on command.
















With the Cold War looming over the world and no end in sight, the success of this operation could give the United States the power to eliminate the U.S.S.R. from the world stage. Imagine the possibilities: indistinguishable disguise for espionage and reconnaissance, high stakes impersonation, and limitless fighting power!

The big question is: at what cost, and to who? What's REALLY at stake here?














At its core, this a story about us; about identity, mental health, memory, and the downfalls of absolutism.

This is deeply rooted in people: our failures, our successes, and the necessity for us to grow. We follow our young protagonist, Kent, as he tries to navigate the world without purpose, without hope, and without his role model. The Armstrong family have done their best to lay low and hide from the potential hostility of  their family secret; but when a mysterious message makes its way to Kent while he's at his lowest,  we're rocketed into the underbelly of conspiracy surrounding Area 51, extraterrestrial findings, and most importantly THE HELIX PROJECT.

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